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Five For Friday 9/7/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 days of Home Rehab. Kicked my own a$$ on Labor Day. It was rough, but I like to do that on days I know that I don’t need much energy to do anything else. I like to see what I can do and just how far I can push.
  • I had acupuncture on Thursday. Pretty sure I was knocked out in a matter of minutes.
  • I’m going into my 22nd week. More than halfway there!

2. PSA: if you pay cash price for a prescription, always ask the pharmacist about using a discount card. After two hours back and forth this morning, I was quoted $1200 for 14 syringes that I need to stay healthy. I hung up in tears. I remembered other pharmacists had worked with me during our fertility treatments with discount cards in the past. So, I called back, asked them to run their discount card, and then was quoted $56.00 by the same pharmacist for the exact same medication.

I was elated. Then frustrated. Then angry. How does this happen? Why don’t they tell you about this? Why don’t they just run it? How many people don’t know and either pay full price, or go without because they think they can’t afford it…and at what cost to their health? And when I asked, she first told me “we don’t do that.” I told her, “yes you do, you’ve done it a lot for me.” She then told me to hold on and she tried. Low and behold it worked. It feels like a sick game. This is not a game, it’s people’s lives.  Sigh.

3. Saturday! Baby’s third concert. Live and Counting Crows. Allie and I fan girl well. Spent the evening reliving our middle and high school angst…up close.

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4. Thursday, we caught Racheal Davis in concert in Old Town. Baby’s fourth concert. As soon as she began singing, Baby J came alive. He/she is learning. Startin ’em young and doing my job… ; )
5. And after the second week of school, we continue to make progress. There’s a lot of tired going on in our house between Brad and me, but we are managing…and trying to balance being back to the grind…it makes it worth it when one of your kids comes up to you out of the blue and says, “I’m the luckiest because you are my teacher.” Well, kid, I’m pretty lucky too.

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