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Five for Friday…a little late 2/27/11

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I’ve been soaking up every bit of family time since we had Andy’s Army going away party on Friday. Since I have been low on sleep with all of the excitement, my down time has been spent resting, recovering, and replenishing my spoons…Needless to say blogging has gone by the wayside this weekend, but I should be able to get back on track since prolotherapy round 2 is tomorrow and I will be laying low for the next few days.

1.  Medical Stuff:
  • 2 days of PT.
  • The PT student did her In-service on EDS and I went to answer questions and educate the therapists from a patient’s perspective.  I will definitely be blogging more about this.
  • 2 days of Home Rehab.
 2.  I walked up to receive communion for the fourth week in a row.  This may seem small, but it is a reminder of progress for me each week I am able to do so without sickness.  Also since consistency is an issue with EDS and POTS,  four consecutive weeks makes it feel like even more of an achievement.
3. Took a road trip with Holly, Sue, Katy, and my Mom to see the vacation house we rented for a week in August.  Since Lake Michigan was still frozen and there was snow everywhere, it made me even more ready for summer.  Can’t wait to go back when the sand is Hot, Hot, Hot!
4.  Andy’s Going Away Party! Allie and Gabe flew home! My cousins and Aunts and Uncles came into town!  Spent time with great friends and family to celebrate my brother.  I will post more about this very special day soon!

5.  Meghan, Sebastian, and Jackson came to visit last Saturday for the Illinois, MSU Basketball game. We always have a blast when we’re together, and I couldn’t get over what a big boy Jackson is now. 

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