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Gratitude Day 16

Written by Katie. Posted in Thankful

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Day 16:

Today I am thankful for:

  • Doctors who care.  A year ago today I was diagnosed with POTS.  I am so very thankful that I found doctors who were (and still are) willing to take me seriously to help me find answers and management/treatment options.  Take it from me, great doctors are out there, who deal with rare diseases.  It may take a while to find them but it is so worth it when you do.  It took me 23 specialists, but I now know what is wrong with me, AND I feel like I have a team of doctors who I can trust to help me manage the various problems and symptoms that arise from EDS and POTS.
  • With that being said, I am SO thankful for health insurance.  I am constantly getting statements that make me feel so much gratitude for all of the medical expenses that my insurance pays for.  Having health insurance allows me to sleep at night.
  • Being able to get out of bed and walk on my own two feet.  A year ago, this was a struggle.