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Happy Birthday Meghan!

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I want to wish a VERY happy 30th birthday to my best friend, Meghan! I love you lots and can’t believe we’ve known each other for 23+ years!  Time flies!  I am so lucky to have been able to share so many milestones, fun times, and not-so-fun times with you as we have grown up together.  Like…   

 Many, many gymnastics trips~Always being goofy in the airports

Our First Bahamas Trip…always the first two since we were the shortest 🙂

 Always finding a way to be upside down together
 Our annual gymnastics photo
 And again…
 More gymnastics trips and more sleepovers…Vegas!
 Florida (I think?)
 Cedar Point
 Arizona?  My memory is failing me…
 College Life!
 Our Weddings
Rehearsal Dinners
 Lots and lots of just hanging out!
 Having kids
I can’t wait to share more ups and downs together as we continue to move along together in this journey called LIFE!  Thanks for always being there and for being you!  Have the best birthday EVER! Love you! XO

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