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Hello, Fall

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Today, as fall starts, I am…

wearing:  Soft, soft clothes because of prolotherapy.  Black yoga capris, an Old Navy T-shirt, and a long sleeve “Life is Good” shirt over top of the t-shirt. 

playing:  We will soon be playing many of our shows that started this week on our DVR.

wanting: a new camera.

needing: to hydrate and take it easy tonight.

eating: Soup. (Good fall food, right?)

drinking:  water and apple juice.  (I drink apple juice after prolo so I don’t pass out).

enjoying: I fell in love with my Starbucks latte this morning in Mishawaka.

not enjoying: Throwing up.  It never fails after prolotherapy.

daydreaming: Of the day we have a baby in our house.

anticipating: Lisa Gigliotti’s new book coming out.  Can. Not. Wait.

what are you up to on this fine fall day?


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