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How\’s This For Randomness?

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Can you say blog slacker?  I am literally sitting here staring at my computer screen in a Vick’s Vapor Rub, brain fog haze.  I’ve gone through half a box of Kleenex and am whining like I’ve never felt sick in my life.  Hot, I tell you.  The good news is I have set a record.  I made it to December 10 before getting my first nasty cold of the school year.  The vitamins must be working. My friend Theresa had her baby today!  I carried my phone around with me all morning waiting for THE text from her husband, Matt.  It came a little after 10 that miss Adelyn Grace had been born at 10:02.  I cannot wait to meet this little angel.  She is absolutely gorgeous from the picture Matt sent. Congrats, Spisaks! Love you three! One of my kids congratulated me on one of my grown up teeth coming in today.  I must have looked confused and told him I already had all my grown up teeth.  He pointed to one of my bottom teeth, and said “No, Ms. Katie, that one is coming in.”  I had to explain, “ummm, no, that one’s just crooked since I didn’t wear my bottom retainer after I had braces.”  Oh, the honesty of kids. He asked if my Mom grounded me for not listening to the dentist.  We are going to the Wharton Center to see the Children’s Symphony tomorrow.  My class is so excited.  I remember loving field trips as a kid.  Therapy was ridiculously difficult today.  It was one of those days that the Elliptical and the Reformer wanted to kick my butt, not the other way around.  It took a lot of digging down deep to finish.  Not sure how I made it through but I did somehow.  Maybe it was my therapist, dancing and singing to, “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” while I was on the Reformer, telling her she was evil.  In all seriousness, days like this make me feel more appreciative of how far I’ve come with her (and a lot of others) help.  I definitely earned that nap afterwards though. 9 more school days, then two weeks off.  I am so looking forward to some relaxation, family time, and working hard on benefit planning.  The planning has kind of fallen by the wayside lately with everything else going on so I’m eager to get back to crossing more off the list.  It’s a lot more intense this year…I’ve already had a benefit nightmare that no one showed up.  This could be a long 4 months. Andy gets home Saturday for a few weeks.   Love me some brother time.  He doesn’t know it yet but he’s gonna come help me in the classroom.  The kids always find it funny that I have a brother.  Someday I will become a Christmas crafter.  I admire people who are.  I feel like there is a lot to look forward to right now.  I love this time of year.

Well, it’s off to bed for this girl.  If you made it to the end of this mess, I’m impressed.

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