Just a "zebra" trying my best to live life to the fullest with EDS and POTS...and loving the ride.

I Confess…

Written by Katie. Posted in About Me, Random

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  • I hate to drive.  If I won the lottery, I’d get a chauffeur.
  • I don’t like to eat breakfast foods, unless it’s for dinner.
  • The Biebs makes me want to dance.
  • I look forward to Saturday nights when I get to snuggle under my blanket and watch 48 Hours Mystery.
  • My parents can never remember if they spelled my middle name, Hil(l)ary, with 1 or 2 L’s.  I spell it with 1.
  • I have a lot of irrational fears.  Like elevators. And flying. And bridges. And tunnels. And squirrels.
  • One of my celebrity crushes is Matt Lauer.  People think that’s weird.  Is that weird?
  • I’ve never used the acronym LOL.  For some reason, I can’t bring myself to do it.
  • I feel the most alive when I am with my family, or when I am outside on a summer day with Brad, listening to live music.
  • I sing along with the Turbo Dogs cartoon theme song every Saturday morning, and then I change the channel.
  • My biggest phobia is public speaking.
  • I almost missed out on being Valedictorian because of Driver’s Ed.  But I squeaked out the A at the very end.
  • I love tweezing.
  • I’m a horrible cell phone owner.  I almost always forget to turn the volume on after school.
  • I tend to get sucked into trashy TV.
  • This blog is very important to me.