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Prolotherapy, round #Ihavelostcount.

Thursday marked nine weeks since I had my last prolotherapy injections.  That is the longest I have gone since I started, and I think it was a couple of weeks too long.  The two weeks leading up to my appointment, I was dealing with some major neck and shoulder pain…to the point that I was sleeping with my trusty rice heating pads again.  Needless to say, I was ready to get in the car and make our way to Dr. Cantieri’s office.

This appointment was pretty uneventful.  All of my injections stayed in my upper back, neck,, and jaw this time around.  There were just two things different about this appointment compared to others:  It was on a Thursday which meant I had to teach the next day, and Dr. Cantieri decided to do a mix of both regular and neural injections based on my pain pathways.

As for the Thursday appointment, I just may be crazy. I always, always, always schedule my appointments on Friday so I have the weekend to recover.  However, this time it was either take the Thursday appointment or wait three weeks until Dr. C got back from Turkey (where he is going to teach prolotherapy with another doctor).  I decided it was worth it to suck it up and teach instead of having to wait.  Let’s just say it was a sore Friday in my classroom; something I would rather not do again.

As for the neural injections, Dr. Cantieri decided to attack my upper trap pain with the neural kind of injections since my pain seemed to be more widespread nerve pain than pain from tendons or ligaments.  Therefore, my upper traps got the neural injections (they burned a little more) while the rest of the injections were the regular tendon/ligament prolo injections.

And there is one more difference that I left out.  I finished the appointment with Dr. C’s thumb in my mouth trying to get my jaw to release.  Talk about interesting…But it worked.  My jaw was able to move a lot easier afterwards. I heart OMM.

I go back in 8 weeks, right before I teach dance at a gymnastics camp for a week.  Perfect timing.

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking…


While I could still move.


Before injections. Obviously.


Getting marked up.


Neural injections first.



Regular prolo injections.


Almost done.


Going after the neck and then jaw.





The only time it was quiet.


Done and breathing…until next time.

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