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Faith.  This is something I’ve really only started to explore this past year.  I was raised Catholic.  I have always believed in God.  But beyond that, church was just something I attended.  Religion, church, and Faith were things I never really thought much about.

When I got sick, I felt helpless and lost.  I remember when everyone went back to school last year, I didn’t really know what to do with myself.  I was scared, I was at my sickest, I had zero answers, and I was honestly a major emotional wreck.  One day when Brad was at school, I drove myself to church on a Wednesday afternoon.  I just sat there with my thoughts and prayed.  I realized that sitting in that pew was the calmest I had felt in a long time.  This became a weekly tradition; one that I actually began to look forward to.

Every Wednesday, I would go to church and spend about an hour there by myself.  I would always talk to God, and tell Him about my life and what I was struggling with.  I would ask Him to help me and to please show me the way.  Sometimes I would cry and sometimes I wouldn’t.  It was this time in my life when I truly began to cultivate, process, and explore my Faith.

The purpose of this post is not at all meant to preach to people.  This post is one of those posts that is meant for me, first and foremost, and if it happens to mean something to someone else, then so be it.  My blog is like an online scrapbook, where I put things that are special and/or memorable to me, and my Faith is something that has now become a priority to me as I live my life as a zebra.

Brad and I have recently become members of St. John’s Student Parish.  The church has started putting Sunday’s homilies on their website.  Every once in a while, I will post links to homilies that really speak to me and MY faith, for my memory’s sake, so that I can go back and refer to them whenever I feel the need.


The theme of this homily by Father Mark is “Fairness.”  The actual homily starts at approximately 3 minutes.