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My Materialistic and Not So Materialistic Birthday Wish Lists

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So my family has asked me a couple of times what I want for my birthday.

I hadn’t thought much about it until now. 

I really just wanted to post on the blog tonight since my house has been overtaken by Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, and to be honest, I really don’t care that much.  (I know, I know. GASP. Sorry, fellow Michiganders but baseball and pro football just don’t do much for me).

Since I heart my birthday, and it’s going to be a big one, I thought I’d pass the time and put together my ultimate wish list.

A girl can dream, right?


My Materialistic (aka greedy) Birthday List

1.  The new Chris Trapper CD.

2.  Editor pants from Express.  They are the only dress pants that fit me AND they come in short lengths for my stubby legs.

3.  Silver, sparkly Nikes.  Like SUPER sparkly.

4.  Bath and Body (Big) Candles.

5. New York & Company or Ann Taylor Loft Gift Cards.

6.  Dressy Black Boots.

7.  New Black Uggs.

8.  Clinique Moisturizing Gel. I’m almost out and I hate buying that stuff.  But I love it.

9. Pretty, blank on the inside, cards/stationary so that I can send “just because” cards and letters.

10.  An EDS gym in our basement stocked with Smart Water and a great sound system.  A recumbent bike, an elliptical, a treadmill, all kinds of weights, resistance bands, balance boards, a total gym, exercise balls, an indoor pool, and if I really want to stretch it, a Reformer.

11. Outburst.

12.  A decorative case for my Iphone with my initials.

13  And this…I can’t stop dreaming about it.  It got great reviews from Consumer Reports.  I know~Keep right on dreaming.

And this is my not so materialistic birthday wish list (for the first year of my thirties):

1.  To put together a fundraiser/benefit for invisible illnesses.

2.  Ride in my wheelchair less.

3.  Walk a 5K.

4. Get closer to starting a family.

5.  Get stronger and stronger.


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