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My Top Ten of Christmas 2011

Written by Katie. Posted in Family, Holidays

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1.  Christmas Eve dinner.  My favorite dinner of the year.

2.  Having everyone together at church.  Having everyone together, period.

3.  Giving Jake his gift during the Dama-Herner kids Secret Santa exchange and him opening an empty gift card envelope from me.  Then, me realizing that I had put two in Rashad’s stocking and nothing in Jake’s, and having to tell Rashad to give one to Jake.  Wow.  We had some laughs over that one.

4.  Receiving an Angel of Healing from Sue.

5.  Opening presents with my family Christmas morning.  Watching CeCe literally oooh and ahhh over her “turtles.” She kept calling presents turtles because the first gift she opened was a V-Tech Turtle.

6.  Spending Christmas afternoon with all of the Jaskolski’s.  Watching the magic of Christmas through all of our niece’s eyes.

7.  Brad and our Christmas we had together on the 26th.  My favorite gift?  The wishing star ornament he gave me, along with the letter he wrote to go with it.  My new Ugg boots from him were a close second.

8.  Seeing the extended Jaskolski family including Grandma Midge at Aunt Ruth Ann and Uncle Mark’s house Christmas night.  It had been too long.

9.  Love Actually.

10.  Celebrating the real reason for the season.

I must have been a good girl because Santa was good to me too.

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy holiday!