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There’s a lot swirling around in this head of mine.

You should see my to-do list.  It’s pretty scary.

So much so, that I am not even sure how to put it all into coherent words…so the following will have to suffice.

Contracts.  Teaching changes.  501 3c.  CSL.  Printers. Sponsorship contacts.  Sponsorship emails.  Sponsorship kits.  Stomach issues.  Sound equipment.  Foundation website.  Press kits.  Speakers.  Emcee.  Interviews.  Tickets.  Silent auction. Baskets. Doctor’s appointments. Celebrations. Energy conservation. Press releases. Report cards. Parent meetings. Basal temps. Evaluation year. Blood pressure. Staying connected with friends. Family. New opportunities. Local businesses. Physical therapy. Flyers. Graphic design meetings. Blood pooling. Blogging. Rehab. More meetings. Email catch-up.

I can’t stop working.

I got a sit down lecture the other day from Brad AND my Mom.  They double-teamed me. I know it is out of love. I know it is for the best. I know it is to keep me healthy which is priority.

But with so much to do, it is hard.  Really, really hard.

I do it to myself.  For many reasons.  I am passionate about 99% of the above. (Stomach issues-not so much).  A lot of it is extremely personal and close to my heart.  I love watching everything come together.  I love being  a part of the entire process.  I’m kinda psycho Type A.  I am lacking confidence in some of these areas, which is why I think I am having a difficult time letting go. I am having a hard time seeing how everything will come together in the timelines that I have.

Thankfully, there are so many people helping me and/or who have offered to help.  Now I need to let them do their thing. I definitely could not do any of this without these amazing people supporting me and working alongside me.

I just wish there were more hours in the day.

I wish I had a better grasp of how to balance.  And pace.

I wish I knew how to have more patience.  And how to believe in the process more.

So I guess let’s talk about today.  Because today is all that really matters, right?

Today, I will try to:

Breathe a little more deeply.

Use more positive and self-affirming self-talk.

Close my computer after 9:00 tonight.

Practice having more patience.

Work harder to take everything hour by hour.

And above all, I will keep the faith.

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