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As you know, my Mom and I traveled to Philly April 5-9 to visit my older sister, Kristen, my brother-in-law, Jake, and my niece Cecilia.  The pictures I am posting pretty much sum up the trip.  We spent most of the time at Kristen and Jake’s house just hanging out, which is just what the doctor ordered. 

On Wednesday and Thursday Kristen and Jake had to work so my Mom and I got to be Cece’s “daycare.”  So tiring, but so FUN.  On Friday, Kristen took the day off and Allie drove from Maryland for the day.  So what do you think the five of us girls did?  Lunch and shopping of course!  Saturday, it was already time to go back to Michigan. The trip went so fast.

I did pretty well with sickness.  I took a nap each day and at times needed to rest, but I hung in there.  When I got home I crashed for a couple days but now I am back on my feet and doing my usual things.

Cecilia Jane is a 10 month old busy bee, always on the go.  Her temperament reminds me of my younger sister, Allie.  She is usually pretty intense and serious, but when she gives up those belly laughs and smiles, it is the best thing in the world.  I hadn’t seen Cece baby since Christmas so she had changed a lot!  Here’s some “Cece facts” from the 4 days I spent with her…

  • She says “Ma-Ma, Da-Da, and “Dis,” as in “give me “dis.”
  • She loves her play kitchen and her board books.  Especially Pat the Bunny, That’s Not My Dragon, and Peek a Who?
  • She still loves the baths her Daddy gives her every night.  She does not love to have her teeth brushed.
  • She hates having hats on her head now 🙁
  • She eats all sorts of people food.  While we were there she LOVED toast, spinach lasagna (see pics), sweet potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, pretzels, puffs, and bites of Grandma’s Italian Ice from Rita’s.
  • She HATED green beans.  Hear that Kritt?
  • She doesn’t normally watch TV, but Aunt Katie introduced her to Yo Gabba Gabba.  She loved dancing to the songs. 
  • She was almost walking.  The day after we left we found out she took 5 steps on her own!  I guess all the prep work Grandma and Aunt Allie did with her paid off.
  • She loves laundry basket rides given by her Aunt Katie and Aunt Allie.
  • She loves to get crazy with Aunt Katie, cuddle with Aunt Allie, but when it is time to just “be,” she is Grandma’s girl for sure! 
  • She loves to hang upside down.  Gymnast, maybe?
  • She has 7 teeth and counting!
  • Her hugs and snuggles are the best.
  • She loves to drop things and make you pick them up.  Over and over and over…Cece thinks this is pretty funny.
  • She is a fashionista plain and simple.
  • When she is done she is DONE!
  • She likes to dance to the “ABC song.”  She also loves “If you are happy and you know it.”
  • She claps and claps; especially after the “how big are you” game.

I love to play hard in my room with Grandma
I’m definitely Grandma’s Girl
I like to eat pretzels and just chill out
Look at me stand up like a big girl
My Daddy is the best
My Aunt Katie tells me I am gorgeous
Stop feeding me people. I can do it by myself!

I wear shoes now.  They’re okay~I tolerate them
“Aunt Katie, I don’t think I’m supposed to sit up here”

But I kinda like it.
Spinach lasagna is the best thing EVER
It’s fun to eat AND play with
When I love something, I rub it in my hair (really). My Mom is surprisingly calm about this.
Mmm, a spinach worm!
“Grandma, my belly is full and I need a bath ASAP”

I love to be outside

Grandma makes everything better
I’m just posin’ with my Aunt Katie
Grandma had me walking…
and walking…
and walking!  Look at me go!
Aunt Allie was one of my walking coaches too
When I got tired I would sit and play with Aunt Katie
She kept flipping me around.  I think I want to be a gymnast Mom and Dad
I love things I’m not supposed to have

I really miss my Uncle Andy.  I am so proud of him.

I can’t wait to see you Uncle Andy!  I love you! (Aunt Katie finally gave in and spelled my name how my Mom wants it to be spelled)
When Allie came we HAD to go to lunch and to the mall.  Rain or shine.

See the look Aunt Allie gives Aunt Katie when Aunt Katie is annoying her.  Be nice Aunt Allie!

I love to show people how big I am.  Especially at Uno’s Pizzeria.

Aunt Allie feeds me Oyster Crackers.  Mmm Mmm Mmm

Of course we had to get a picture with all of the girls!

When Aunt Katie and I got tired at the mall, we would play on the bench.  Aunt Katie’s really happy because the mall had an H & M
Then Aunt Allie would join us while Grandma and Mom just shopped, and shopped, and shopped for new clothes for me.  My closet is so jam packed but a girl can never have too many clothes

Aunt Katie and Aunt Allie insist I wear bows.  I don’t think I like them!

Well, maybe they’re not THAT bad
Aunt Allie makes me laugh so much

Aunt Allie and Aunt Katie like to give me laundry basket rides.  I have to hang on tight!
Laundry basket rides are the BEST!
My Aunts and Grandma are about to leave.  I better start blowing them kisses
I had last minute snuggles with Aunt Katie
And with Grandma
I was sad to see them go but I will see them real soon.  Now I am back on my schedule and my Mom, Dad, and I are back to being a beautiful family of three!

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