Just a "zebra" trying my best to live life to the fullest with EDS and POTS...and loving the ride.

Right Now…

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1) Reading: Emails! Other blogs, just started the book, Lean In.

2) Top three songs: Hmm, So many right now: “Just Like Heaven” (On a Cure Kick…Allie told me this made me old), “Blurred Lines” (Can’t help it. Makes my booty shake…does saying “booty” also make me old?), & “These are the Days” since I broke down and cried when I heard it driving home from school this week. It was such a fitting song to end the year.

3) Top Movies: None at the moment. Have not had time. 

4) Favorite TV moments: Anything SYTYCD.

5) Food: Frozen yogurt.  Hummus.  (Not together).

6) Restaurant: On a Mexican kick right now. 

7) Something I am thankful for:  Being able to get through dance practices. Finishing a school year.  A great support system of friends and family.

8) A goal I have:  So many…Get all of our  thank you notes done in the next couple of weeks, start organizing the basement, blog more, get through FlexCity fitness classes, continue working on finding balance (always a goal).  

9) Looking forward to: All of the new adventures summer will bring. Obtaining 501 c3 Status.  Feeling more rested.  Drinking coffee and watching the Today Show in the mornings. 

10) Something that has me smiling:  So much. My students. Kind, supportive people. Potential opportunities. Summer. And the list goes on…

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