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Roses and Thorns

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Rose:  I got to Skype my brother for a whole hour tonight.

Thorn:  I can’t shake this asthma flare, sinus pressure, and cough.  I have been taking 4 nebulizer treatments a day, sleeping propped up, and walking around stinking like Vick’s Vapor Rub and cough drops.  I’m desperately trying to avoid another doctor’s appointment and a steroid pack.

Rose:  My kids were as good as gold today which means I did not have to stress my voice a ton.

Thorn:  I woke up to some crazy left knee pain.  I have no clue what I did to it, but it must have happened in the night, because when I went to bed my knee was 100% fine.  Since I have not had knee issues before, I am not sure if this is just a freak thing or EDS related.  Hoping the pain goes away just as fast as it appeared.  I’m icing as we speak.  So. weird.

Rose:  I’m loving the new Chris Trapper album.  It’s been playing on repeat all day.

Rose: Last year at this time I wore a neck collar whenever I had to hold my head up.  I have not worn my collar in months.  Knock on wood.

Thorn:  I have to miss out on a family trip to Philly this weekend to see my sisters, brother-in-law, and CeCe Baby (in her cow costume).

Rose:  I will still get to Skype them and see CeCe in all of her “moocow” glory.  Thank God for Skype.

Thorn:  A kindergartener bit Brad yesterday.  He still has teeth marks.

Rose:  I love working with my teaching partner, Zondra.

Thorn:  I’m worried about making it through parent-teacher conferences okay (health-wise).

Rose:  I have learned that the anticipation is always the worst.

Thorn: There’s not a new Modern Family tonight.

Rose:  MSU beat Wisconsin last Saturday in an amazing finish.

Thorn:  I accidentally found myself caught driving in the midst of the MSU Homecoming parade when I was coming home from my doctor’s appointment on Friday.

Rose:  I did not hit any of the horses, cheerleaders, buses, or spectators that were surrounding my car.  I made it out alive (with just a little horse poop on my car).

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