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Roses and Thorns

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Thanks to all who have been inquiring about Cincinnati, my appointment with Dr. Tinkle, and when I’ll update my blog about it.  I am realizing that I have more readers than I thought 🙂 

I am working on the appointment post but it is a lengthy one and I want to make sure I have everything accurate before I publish it.  Tomorrow I am going to listen to the audio tape of the appointment before I post it since Dr. Tinkle was kind enough to let me audio tape what he had to say (which was a lot).   

So instead, today I will take Allie’s advice and post my roses (highs) and thorns (lows) of my day. 

Rose:  Theresa came over and she taught me how to make buckeyes.  We cranked out 120 of them in an hour and a half.

Thorn:  They are sitting in my house waiting to be eaten.  I need to hand them out ASAP.

Rose: I did a leaning (standing) tilt against the wall for 11 minutes without my heart rate going through the roof.

Rose: My neck muscles were not hard as rocks today, so that meant no horrible headache. 

Thorn:  My knees were popping like crazy and my back was pretty unstable.

Rose:  I made an appointment with a new PCP.

Thorn: It is not until the end of January.

Rose: My compression stockings are getting much easier to put on.

Thorn:  They keep falling down to my knees after I put them on and I can’t figure out why.

Rose: We had stuffed peppers for dinner. Yum.

Rose: One of my students sent me a giant hand-made heart card that is beautiful.  I miss my kids.

Rose: I found a website that has Ugg boots for 70% off.

Thorn: Hopefully it is legit.

Rose: My brother said he’ll take me to Angola, IN to see the spine doctor on Friday.

Rose:  I was on my feet more today than usual without feeling like I was going to pass out.

Rose: My return to physical therapy is scheduled for December 21st. And this time we know what is wrong.

Rose: Biggest Loser Finale.

It’s always a good day when your roses outweigh your thorns.

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