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Suttons Bay in #’s

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4-Times eating ice cream

7-Times on a paddleboard

44.20-Money won at the casino

1-Night of Thunderstorms

100+-Golf Balls Lost

5-Camp Fires

2-Times someone fell out of their chair at the fire

1.5-Books read

1-Kayak “borrowed”


20ish-Tomatoes eaten

550-Pictures taken

10-Miles by brother ran with all of his Army gear

5-Afternoons laying on the dock

2-Swims in Suttons Bay


898398738789379-times my belly hurt from laughing

0-Times using a hair dryer

4-siblings all together again

7-Phyllis the duck sightings

4-Naps taken

9-the lastest I woke up

9-the earliest I went to bed

1-time I tripped over Andy’s bed and landed on Allie who was sleeping.

2-visits to Fishtown

1-visit to the Suttons Bay shops

2-times on a swing set

3-shirts bought

890800-Princess games played by Cecilia Jane and Katy Rose.

12-Smart water bottles consumed.

1-time ice cream shot out of my nose from laughing so hard.

2-Bed switches with Allie.

799299276438383838-times throughout the year I will miss this:



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