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Five For Friday 5/3/19

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  1. Medical Stuff:
  • One day of PT. Because this lower back/hip stuff thinks it can stick around, it was time to get fitted for a soft brace. I need the stability and I finally gave in. Hopefully it will be temporary until I can get stronger and then throw it an drawer. In the meantime, I have a big, black soft brace holding my tummy in. I guess that’s not terrible.

Eat Your Heart Out Jane Fonda

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This would be considered a not so great EDS day…Back brace.  Check! To keep my ribs from subluxing, and to try and keep them in place.  They have been giving me real fits lately.  Cervical Collar. Check!  To keep my neck stable so the headaches and neck pain stay at bay.  And as always, my oh so cute compression stockings to help with circulation (POTS) to keep my blood from pooling.