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Eat Your Heart Out Jane Fonda

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This would be considered a not so great EDS day…Back brace.  Check! To keep my ribs from subluxing, and to try and keep them in place.  They have been giving me real fits lately.  Cervical Collar. Check!  To keep my neck stable so the headaches and neck pain stay at bay.  And as always, my oh so cute compression stockings to help with circulation (POTS) to keep my blood from pooling. 

Bad EDS day or not, I still gotta get in my exercises!

I look like an EDS bumblebee.?
Those are 3 pounders…the idea is less weight, more reps.
 Yes, I have a hole in my compression stockings.  I love my exercise ball.
Core strengthening
Feel the burnnnnnn
Gotta get my leg muscles strong to improve vascular tone and fight POTS

That’s my scary, trying to concentrate look.
Balance and proprioception exercises.

 Hi Brad’s feet.  Back exercises.
Something that just hit me….How in the world am I going to wear flip flops with these darn stockings?!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!
P.S.  Tomorrow is the last day to comment on my post 100!  I’m picking a winner Friday!?

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