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Thanks, Excitement & Inspiration #NHBPM Carnival

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I just got home from our first night of parent-teacher conferences.  I am pretty fried but here I go truckin’ along with National Health Blog Post Month.  Please don’t expect anything profound…I’m in brain fog-land.

Topic: Write a List of 3 Things that you’re thankful for / excited about / or inspired by:

Okay, how about I do one of each, and call it good?

Thankful:  Today and everyday I am thankful for medical insurance.  I get about 8 medical statements a month showing what my insurance has paid for.  Without it, I would either be in financial distress or a lot sicker than I am today.  I feel grateful every single day to have the coverage I have to be able to receive the treatments and care that I need to function.  I am also thankful to live in a country where we have the privilege to vote!

Okay, okay, so that’s more than one…

Excited About:  I am stoked for Thanksgiving!  I love, love, love Turkey Day. This year I will be with my family, doing the Turkey Trot 5k, laughing, eating all of the Italian goodies, plus the “traditional” Thanksgiving food, laughing, playing games, being loud, singing Dominick the Donkey to kick off the Christmas season right, laughing, and just being with everyone…

Did I mention laughing?

Inspired By: Like the other two, this is tough to pick just one.  I am inspired by people who face adversity head on…People who refuse to give up…People who live a life that is generous and kind…Ordinary people doing extraordinary things…People who may fall apart, but continue to pick themselves up and carry on.  I am inspired by authenticity, people who stand up for what they believe in, genuine enthusiasm, compassion, love, and people who live by choice, not by chance.

Goodnight all!

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