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Third Time\’s the Charm?

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My body hurts…

and not because of prolotherapy. 

I realized I never updated my blog after having to reschedule AGAIN.  24 hours before I was supposed to have prolo, it was still blizzarding.  I looked up Mishawaka’s news channels, and the city was under a state of emergency and the whole city was asked not to drive.  Since I knew I had to give 24 hours notice for cancellations, I called and left a message asking what my options were. A little while later the lady who does the scheduling called from her home because the office was shut down and said I could come Monday at 1:00 instead.  I tried really, really, REALLY hard for Friday but no such luck.  So I will now have prolo on Monday…if the stars are aligned. 

And it is supposed to snow. AGAIN.  We are thinking about going Sunday and watching the Super Bowl in a hotel but we will see.  I guess these are the problems you run into when you have far away doctor’s appointments in the Midwest during the winter.  How many more days until spring? 

Thanks to all who sent me good luck wishes and/or texts and calls asking how it went today…And sorry for not updating.  Fingers crossed for Monday! 

So that brings me to my non-prolo pain, which I’m actually hoping is good pain…as in it hurts so good.  Since I wasn’t going to Indiana, I called this morning and asked if I could come into therapy, and the person I spoke to said I could come in at 1:30.  Brad drove me, and as we drove in the beautiful, warm sunshine, on the nice, clear roads, I could not help but think that we SO could have made the trip to Mishawaka.  Oh. Well. 

I started therapy at 1:30 on the dot and at 2:45, I was finally finished.  My PT kicked my EDS behind today.  For a few moments, I felt like I was training with Jillian from the Biggest Loser. And I loved it.  She had me do a circuit where I did exercises that worked all of my joints, and boy did it work them.  I am quite sore tonight…and can only imagine how I will feel come morning…and the best part about it is I’m excited that my muscles are screaming sore.  Ice and the massage pillow are my BFF’s tonight.

Please, please, please Mother Nature allow me to have my 20 some injections on Monday and get home safely.  I’m ready to get on with this already.  

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