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I survived the first day of school today.  I love seeing the familiar faces mixed in with the new.  I love when my former students stop by for a hug and to say hello. I love our early childhood team.  I love the look of wonder on the children’s faces as they enter their classroom for the first time.  I love showing the lessons for how to be at school…lining up, grace and courtesy, how to use the bathroom, how to greet one another…You name it; we present it.  I love being able to assure the Moms and Dads that their children will be okay.  I love how everything is new and exciting for these 4 and 5 year olds.

Some of my favorites from today…

One little guy insisted on going barefoot.  “But, Ms. Katie, I was barefoot all summer.”  I had to be the bad guy and inform him that yes, we wear shoes in kindergarten.

When I asked one of my girls to please stop talking at circle time, she informed me that she was, “just trying to have a faaaaabuloussssssss day.”

And as I built the pink tower, cube by cube, one of my boys asked (over and over…and over again), “Now do you kick it over?”

Ahhh, kindergarten. I love you.

I took a 2 hour nap when I got home this afternoon.  I must have been whooped, judging by the amount of drool on my pillow.  Just being honest.

I cannot wait for Parenthood, Modern Family, and the New Girl.  Love, love, love those shows…

I love this post on one of the blogs I read.  It made me bawl.

“Our family is not what I could have ever pictured but it’s perfect beyond anything I could have imagined. I don’t know what yours will look like, friends, but I have to, have to, have to believe that it will be perfect. Perfect for you.”

Going to bed shortly…I forgot how soon 6 am comes.

Goodnight everyone!

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