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Thursday Ramblings

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Ready for some randomness in no particular order?

This week has been better than last week; both mentally and physically.  Thank the good Lord.

Zac Brown Band has been keeping me company this week while I have been doing my exercises.  It’s hard to get down when you are doing squats and toe rises to…”I got my toes in the water a$$ in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand, life is good today, life is good today…”

Once I get a handle on these disorders, if I never see a new patient packet again, I will be a happy gal…Just finished filling one out that’s 35 pages…I think that office may now know more about me than my fam 😉

Am I really no longer a Libra?  That’s ridiculous.  I’ll always be a Libra…I’ve been trying to balance my scales my whole life.

Gonna try and start pool therapy next week at either Waverly Intermediate or Hill.  My goal is to do water walking and some water running.  I’m hoping I won’t have any problems with blood pooling in my legs since it is an issue in the shower. I’m excited to try though…

I ordered this today.  It has gotten really great reviews and my therapist had talked about wanting to read it.  Dr. Tinkle also recommended it when I was in Cinci.  I was reading the reviews and this one really sold me,

“I have been healthy for most of my life, other than a hip injury while running with my dog, which was diagnosed as bursitis and has never completely healed. After having my son 2 years ago at the age of 34, my body began a process of rapidly “breaking down”. I developed severe tendonitis in both wrists, back pain, foot pain ,etc. I was evaluated by many specialists, most of them were overwhelmed with the severity of my individual diagnoses. Not until I was diagnosed as having hypermobility syndrome and under the care of a good rheumatologist and physiotherapist, was I able to start my road to recovery. This book was paramount in my healing process. Learning how posture is very important, as people with HMS tend to rest on their tendons. This book also teaches about the chronic pain syndrome. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about this condition. If you have been diagnosed, you also want to learn as much as possible as this condition is hereditary. May God bless you with knowledge to bring forth healing.”
I’m excited to dig in and have my PT read it too.

My brother introduced me to my favorite quote of the week: “This is what life’s like, there’s gonna’ be people smacking you all the time. You better get up and smack back or die” -Tom Izzo

Brad and I watched Obama’s speech at the Tuscon Memorial Service Wednesday night and it made me pretty emotional.  Politics aside, I thought it was a touching and classy eulogy/tribute/speech after such a horrendous act of violence.

Kathryn Mahoney is now at the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute.  I found out that all of the MSU head coaches got together yesterday and decided that each team is going to put something together to motivate Kathryn.  The teams will take turns, so each week Kathryn will receive something from a different MSU team.  That’s Spartan Unity for you!

I joined 2011 and got Online Banking this week…where has it been all my life? It’s pretty sweet.  This is how I felt when we got DVR.  Life changing!

I’ve been doing really well on goal #2-Flossing each day.  I’ll keep plugging along on the other 49.  Brad has been rockin his resolution of finishing house projects.  Last week he put the trim around the front door, put up new light fixtures, and started closet doors.  Such a good hubs.

My big sister turned 32 this week.  Love you Kritt!

Bravo is such a weakness of mine.  I just can’t help it.

I felt really proud of myself today.