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Too Much

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WARNING: Borderline whiny post ahead due to exhaustion.

I’m not sure how to balance my life right now.

I am trying my best to put all that I have into teaching my class.

I am spending tomorrow morning with my staff at a retreat.  Saturday mornings are always when I try to “catch up on life.”

I am signing up for a college reading class I have to take to get my Professional Teaching Certificate.

I have to double up on the amount of physical therapy sessions I am doing because my hip is giving me fits.

I am working so many hours putting together an event for charity.  (Will reveal soon.  I pinky swear).

I am having trouble sleeping.

I did not keep up on the amount of home rehab I needed to do this week.

I am failing at keeping my website updated.

I have so many emails I need to answer.

My principal wants to send me to an upcoming weekend reading conference, which is exciting, but I just don’t know if my body can handle it.  Weekends mean recovery for me.  I hate having to admit that to her.

My heart rate has been really high.  My blood pressure has been super low.

I have been super POTSy.

I’m crashing.  I can feel it.  I know I need to listen to my body, but I am not sure how, with everything that needs to get done.

I have brought a lot of this on myself.  I know I have.  I also know that it doesn’t help that I am a control freak and like to do things myself.

I know it will all get done.  But tonight everything seems too much to handle.

First and foremost, I need a good night’s sleep.

That would make a huge difference in making life seem more manageable.

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