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Vacation in #\’s

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2-Lemon Custard Ice Creams

3-Games of Catch Phrase

5-Sunny Days

1-Boys Against Girls Game of Cranium

4-Naps taken

2-Books read

2-Rainy days

6-Pizzas ordered

53737377-Times we listened to Eye of the Tiger, requested by Ms. Cecilia Jane


304-Pictures Taken

1-Time lost on the jet ski with Dad

5-Afternoons laying on the beach

3-Swims in Lake Huron

0-Phone calls.  No service

1-Cry.  Goodbyes suck sometimes


5-Mornings drinking my coffee on the deck overlooking the lake

10-am…the latest I woke up all week

1-Time sleeping with the door wide open.  Oops.

0-Drops of make-up applied

0-Times using a hair dryer

4-siblings all together again

7-Days of Olympics

1-Camp Fire on the beach

10-People floating on the infamous, inflatable “Topon Island”

834958599-Hugs exchanged

1-Crazy, stalking seagull we named Teddy

1-Fox sighting

15-SPF I used

4785857857875857-Times I will think of this, and miss it throughout the year:


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