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Wake Up Call

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Sometimes you need a wake up call.  Usually I try not to whine about the little things that get me down about EDS and POTS, but yesterday I failed at this. Big time.

It was 84 degrees and sunny yesterday.  In all other years I would have been ecstatic about this weather; especially on April 10th.  I would have broken out my Reef flip flops and capris, and spent as much time as I could outside reading, relaxing, and soaking up some rays.  I would have also probably have gone and gotten my first pedicure of the season. 

But not yesterday.  I whined and complained all day.  I even got on MY nerves after a while. 

Why the whining?  All because of my compression stockings.  Yesterday was my first taste of compression stockings in summer-like heat, and it did not make me happy to say the least.  The stockings themselves were SO hot.  And then I had to wear pants and closed toe shoes over them.  Not fun. 

I realize it may seem silly to you how much it got me down, but it did. 

Yesterday I didn’t stop to think about last summer when I was so sick without them.  Or that in Michigan, the heat does not last forever.  Or that on summer days when I’m not up and around much, I may not need them.  Or that Allie has had to take chemo for her vasculitis for two years and I never hear her whine. 

Instead, I whined about pedicures.  And not wearing cute summer clothes.  And how hot and uncomfortable they were making me.  Shallow, I know. 

I am still  working on researching if there are lighter weight stockings that may be cooler.  And I’m also going to ask for a prescription for toeless stockings tomorrow at my monthly doctor’s appointment.  Hopefully, this will work out, so I can still wear sandals, and yes, still get pedis. 

All of this is about learning.  Management.  Coping.  Figuring out my limits. 

A woman who is on one of the EDS support groups posted this song this morning, in hopes it would start people’s day off on the bright side.  It sure helped me begin the day with better perspective than yesterday.  As I listened, all I could think about was my fight with my stockings.  It’s all about perspective and if those stockings are going to get me through summer with less sickness, then so be it.  I give in, and I will work on sucking up the whining, because in the whole scheme of things, I am blessed!

PS…If there are readers out there who have had the same compression stocking/summer heat dilemma?, and have found tricks that have helped, this newbie would love, love, love to hear them! You can leave me a comment or email me at katiejaskolski@gmail.com.  Thanks!

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