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Weekend in Pics

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Sorry if some of these are repeats…My OCD mind needed a chronological order 😉 
We had a blast this weekend celebrating Amanda and Shane’s wedding, and hanging with friends and family. 
We began our weekend at ENSO for the rehearsal dinner….
Amanda and Shane COLLINS
Allie loves her some Gabe
My Love Monkey
Biffle Siffle
Erica’s boyfriend, Scott with Gabriel
Paul with daughter, Erica and Erica’s boyfriend, Scott
Some of the fam…Brad snuck out and went camping for the night.  Don’t tell.
Beautiful Mama and beautiful daughter
Some people think this is weird.  I think it is normal for our family.
Such a beautiful thing.
Getting ready to chow down on some sushi.  Thank you to the chef!
Brad and Gabe matched all weekend….unintentionally
Beautiful Cake and Yummy Groom’s Cookie
Bridal Party
Nice work Gabe, showing your teeth


Dama girls with Samuel, one of our former gymnastics coaches and our KIDDY COCKTAILS
Jan, Erica, Allie, Mom


Brad and Dad


Father and Daughter




Don’t know what I’d do without these girls
Miss you Kritt and CeCe Baby!


The fam minus a few special people


Crazy ladies ready for vacation


You can do it Gary!


“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we might as well dance.”


Gettin’ down

Sunday was recovery day + a BBQ before Allie and Gabe left for the airport


Brad gave Katy Rose a whistle.  Sorry Holly.


Sad to see them go.


Tired but happy


Extreme close up
Gotta play with water when it’s 90 degrees


Uncle D and Katy Rose
BBQ #2…4th of July
Doug and I showing off our Army pride



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