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Five For Friday +1 3/3/12

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Whoa! March already? How did that happen?!

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 day of PT.  We worked a lot on my hip.
  • While my hip is experiencing this flare, I am looking for a recumbent bike, since it would provide me with the ability to do the cardio I need to fight POTS, without putting much stress on my hip.  Anyone know of one they would recommend?  Or better yet, anyone looking to get rid of one?
  • I hit many walls (literally and figuratively) this week, where Brad had to pick up the pieces.  What I learned this week?  I cannot keep up the pace at which I have been going.  Just because I am planning an event, does not mean I can ignore my body and pretend like I do not have EDS or POTS.  I must get better at delegating, and taking the necessary rest breaks I need to function.


2 .  I had a “Life as a Zebra” meeting with the amazing, webmaster, Sebastian on Tuesday.  We spruced up a few things and worked out a design for the invisible illness event website.

I just want to send a shout-out to Sebastian, who ended up needing emergency surgery yesterday.  Feel better, Sebass!  Thinking of you, Meghan, and Jackson! Love you guys!

3.  Brad took home 3rd place at his school’s chili cook-off last night!  Thank goodness one of us can cook!


4.  I had a meeting at Lou and Harry’s on Thursday.  We will be meeting every week until the event to make sure everything is ready, on track, and organized for the fundraiser.  At this meeting, we went over press kits, media contacts, and the flyer.  I just want to say that Lou and Harry’s have been absolutely amazing to work with.  I am so thankful they are the venue for our event.  Thank you Audrey, Scott, and Harry!

5.  Presenting my newest zebra additions…

Thank you, Karen!


Thank you, Theresa!

Thank you, Mo Mo! I am working on "Getting it done!"


+1.  Must read blog post by Michelle, over at “Living with Bob (Dysautonomia).” Thank you, Michelle!  As usual (and in my opinion), you are spot on.

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