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Five For Friday +1…7/8/11

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1.  Medical Stuff
  • 1 Day of PT.  Had a re-eval and made a few new goals.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • Had my monthly Larry appointment.  We talked a lot about future goals, while he did some gentle manipulative medicine on my neck.
  • I saw Dr. Rosen.  To be honest there was not much of a theme to this appointment.  Even though I was all over the place, I still think I sorted a few things out in my crazy, jumbled up mind.  It always helps me to be able to really talk things through.

2.  A lesson I learned this week:  I am never too old to receive a teddy bear to do list with my name checked off by my Mama. 🙂 
3.  Watch out Steven Tyler!  I got feathers too!  My hair stylist convinced me to try a couple feathers.  I fought her on this until I found a purple one.  Then I was all about it.  You only live once, right?! 
By the way, when I walked in the house, Brad said, “What the heck is in your hair?  That is NOT normal.”  He’ll warm up.?
4.  Here is reason number 1,000 why I think my EDS doctor rocks…
This is his 1961 Willys Jeep Truck hauling out 3 jeeps stuck in the mud at once during the “Wheeling For Autism event” in South Bend.  Oh, and his EDS is worse than mine.
5.  And now, here comes my excuse for not posting yesterday….I was on the phone with my brother until 1 AM last night, catching up and hearing his exciting news.  Once I got off the phone, any blogging I was planning on doing fell by the wayside, and it was straight to bed for me. 
Anyways, now I get to be the bragging, proud sister, since Andy would never tell people how well he is doing at OCS, for the fear of coming off cocky.  
After six weeks of OCS, Andy is now a senior officer candidate.  Last week he was in charge of his platoon and received rave reviews.  After his week of leading, all of the candidates had to choose their Army career path.  They were shown the positions available and were allowed to choose their future careers based on their rank.  Andy found out he is currently ranked 8th out of 120.  Not bad at all!  After much thought, Andy chose “Military Intelligence Branch Detail Infantry.”  Basically this means that he will do Infantry for three years, and then have the option of working in Military Intelligence.  There were only three positions like this available, and the third position was taken by the 9th ranked officer candidate. 
The best part about Andy’s news was the pride I heard in his voice as he told me what he chose for his career path. I really don’t think I have ever heard him this happy. I just love that boy.
His next stop after 6 more weeks of OCS? Ranger school!  
+1.  I got Brad to see Bridesmaids with me!?

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