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Five For Friday 10/13/17

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Friday the 13th!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. A lot of rib OMM and cranial work after cardio and strengthening.
  • I’ve been doing various Beachbody exercise programs and I like the variety. I am figuring out how to modify as I go. So far, I have done 21 Day Fix Cardio, 21 Day Fix Pilates, and PiYO Sweat.
  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I had a procedure done yesterday where I had to be put under. It went well. I am just SORE today, but will be back in action soon. Meanwhile I am getting in some good sleep and a lot of one-on-one time with my heating pad. HOT.

2. One of my kindergarteners wrote a story about me this week. This is how it went:

“This is Ms. Katie. She eats pizza. If she eats too much pizza, she will get chunky. She might explode! I like Ms. Katie.”

You guys should have seen the picture of me he drew to go with the story. Hilarious.

3. Got my Halloween costume in the mail. Realized it wouldn’t fit my pinky toe. Sent it back, ordered a different one, and now keeping my fingers crossed. I have two costumes I want to wear this year, so I am trying to figure that one out.

4. How about that Michigan/Michigan State Football game on Saturday! Holy crapballs, we won. Love my Spartans no matter what, but when we beat the Wolverines, it is just that much sweeter. GO GREEN for life.

5. I read an article the other day about “15 things to use if you have chronic pain.” I decided to make my own list of my “must haves” to manage my pain. My list is below…what would make your list?

1. Leggings that have a bit of compression. I like Gap, Old Navy, and Kohl’s brand.
2. Biofreeze
3. Various firmness of foam rollers.
4. Heating pads. A variety. Big. Small. A microwaveable one that drapes across my neck and shoulders while I teach.
5. Neck collar I get at Walgreens for any kind of impact from workouts. Reduces jarring. Helps keep my joints in place.
6. Huge ice packs! I like fabric ones.
7. Electrical Stimulation with heat.
8. Neck pillows I keep everywhere.
9. Specialty mouth brace for sleeping to decrease TMJ and keep my jaw from dislocating.
10. Shakeology. Keeps my Gastroparesis at bay, and therefore my stomach pain at bay.
11. BIG Ace wraps to wrap my ribs to help keep them from subluxing.
12. Prolotherapy! I go to Corrective Care in Mishawaka, Indiana.
13. Exercise: Physical therapy or workouts at home. Cardio and Light weight strengthening. If I don’t workout after about four days, my body begins to start falling apart. Lots of popping and subluxing.
14. High compression sports bras. They help keep my ribs in place.
15. Tennis balls for trigger points.
16. Epsom Salts.
17. Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine! So HUGE for my joints and pain management.
18. An electrical pillow massager I always have on my back if I’m sitting on the couch.
19. A wiggle seat I got on Amazon.
20. Gentle massage. No cracking. No deep tissue.

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