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Five For Friday 10/14/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 OMM Appointment. Mostly cranial and neck work.

2. Chicago. I went with my family to Allie and Gabe’s new house for a long weekend. All of my siblings and my parents were in the same place, which hardly ever happens. It was much needed and very special.  We didn’t do a lot. The Pumpkin Patch, we went to breakfast, went to the dog park, and had a Pokemon Party planned by my 6 year old niece. It was just a lot of “togetherness” and it makes me so happy thinking about it.

3. Thursday night was Harvest Night at our school. I always try and sign up for the “greeter” job so I can see everyone come through. That is the best. To get to see and talk to all of my current kids AND my kids who have moved up to other grades. They will always be “my kids.”

4. Grey’s Anatomy! I heard that Ehlers-Danlos was the focus this week. I will be honest. I was a bit skeptical about how it was portrayed, but after reading about it, it sounds like it was VERY accurate. SO AWESOME.

Quoted from Ehlers-Danlos Society:

“The patient in the story was based upon a conversation producers had with a young woman with EDS and her doctor who also has EDS. Both women said that the most relieving thing was having a diagnosis. They could learn how to advocate for themselves; which is not always easy.

The episode featured a patient who had a dislocated shoulder which she had put back in herself. She was found to have easy bruising, other joints that dislocate, dehydration, and syncope. Grey’s favorite, Dr. Karev told the Chief he did not believe she was drug seeking or an alcoholic, but at the same time could not figure out what she had. The Chief put forward an explanation of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

A huge thank you to Olivia Herzoff for sharing her story with the producers and visiting the set to raise awareness! Olivia made last night’s episode possible. Stay tuned for her story!

Last November, Lara Bloom and Shane Robinson from The Ehlers-Danlos Society met with writers in LA to get Ehlers-Danlos syndrome featured more on TV and film. Here’s hoping this is just the start. Awareness is everything; strength begins with hope.”

5. Last night, Brad and I went to two of our dearest friend’s wedding.  We got there at 5 and I was home by 6 after realizing I had pink eye. AGAIN. Only me. I will be calling the eye doctor on Monday. I do not get it.

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