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Five For Friday 10/20/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • My latest EDS Fun: JAW. FLARE. It keeps dislocating on the left side. I’ve been living on my heating pad. Fun times.
  • 4 Home workouts this week: 21 Day Fix, PIYO Sweat, 10 miles on the Recumbent Bike, Running and a lot of core. I think I may have overdid it a bit. I will be taking it easy this weekend.
  • I had an OMM appointment on Thursday. My doctor kept putting my jaw into place, and it kept popping out. She told me to take it easy to try and get it to calm down. Do you know how hard it is to try not to yawn?!?!

2. October 20! My birthday! 29+7! It was so special. My colleagues got up so early and decorated my classroom in all zebra print. They hid 36 zebras, hung banners, made a zebra cake, made me a crown, and got me zebra ears to wear. This is the part where I cried though: It was breast cancer awareness day so we were told to wear all pink. I wore an awareness shirt I ordered on Amazon, thinking everyone else would be in their pink gear too. When I got to school, my staff were all wearing zebra strong gear in honor of my birthday.  I was so overwhelmed with such a full heart that I lost it. Those teacher friends of mine are the greatest.

3. Brad and I went to dinner (Pablo’s!), to see May Erlewine in concert (cathartic, healing music…check her out), and then to Menchies for some fro yo. From start to finish, the day was awesome, and I was glad to end it with my hubs, who has always been my rock.

4. Hoses vs. Handcuffs! On Saturday, my Mom, Dad, Allie, and me went to cheer on my brother at the Police vs Fire competition to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. Lansing Police came in second right behind Lansing Fire Department. East Lansing Fire and Dewitt Fire gave it a good fight too! I am so proud of my brother, LPD, and all of our first responders who help make our community safe. And damn, my brother can do a crazy amount of push ups and pull ups!

Later that day, we celebrated my favorite dog’s 4th birthday with a Ferdinand the Bull party. We kinda went over the top, but he’s the best, and brings so much joy.

5. 36. I have a couple of BIG wishes for the year ahead. I can’t tell you, or they won’t come true, but just know, I’m ready to work hard to make them¬† reality.

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