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Five For Friday 10/26/18

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1.Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of PT. My belly was feeling funny so we took it easier on the recumbent bike. I’m going to look into getting a prenatal cradle in the next week just to give my joints more support. Trying to be a proactive EDS’r as this babe gets bigger!
  • Had my glucose test, anemia test, dtap shot, and a heart rate and belly check yesterday with my OB. Things checked out really well. Keep cookin’ baby!

2. I turned the big 3-7 on Saturday! It was one for the memory books…Al and I took off for South Bend Saturday afternoon to see Garth Brooks at Notre Dame Stadium…We braved a blizzard, hail, sideways rain, high winds that kept delaying the show, and finally just COLD, but in the end it was so, SO worth it. Loved every second. Would go again in a heartbeat, which may be possible since last Saturday kicked off his three year stadium tour.

Oh yea, I also got pulled over Saturday morning for going 55 in a 45. He let me off though since it was my birthday so that’s some happy news too. : )

3. Life can feel really, really heavy sometimes. That’s life for me at the moment. I’ve learned in my 37 years that it goes in waves, and things will improve, but for now, I have decided to seek out at least one happy story each day. It makes a difference. Really. There’s lots of good out there, guys. Go find it and soak it up.

4. The new afternoon teacher is our classroom has been sent like a sweet baby angel dropped down from the heavens. There is something to be said for consistency, experience, and similar philosophy’s. Grateful for permanency and to have the chance to work with her the next couple of months.

5. and…#invisibleillnessawareness

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