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Five For Friday 11/13/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I had my monthly appointment with Larry. I went in to my appointment in tears. I knew I had to get through parent-teacher conferences and I was feeling a mix of sickness and pain. I believe my words to Larry were, “Whatever magic you can do, please do it on me today.”And he did. Between stomach acupuncture, cranial OMM, and putting my ribs back in place, I was in much better shape leaving his office than coming.  Thankful.
  • A lot of neck and head pain this week. I had to wear my neck collar to get through my  home rehab work, but the important thing is I did it.

2. We had two nights of parent-teacher conferences this week. One more night to go! We are at 100% so far. It will be amazing and our first time ever if we get 100% parent participation on our first try!

3. A conversation in my classroom this week:

Child who came in late: “Everyone listen! I have an announcement to make. It’s really important. I just went to my doctor and he said I was going to be okay. So if you ever stick spiky things up your nose, you’ll just poop them out. They won’t be in there forever. Isn’t that great news?”

We had a chat at circle about objects and our body and being safe. Never dull, I tell ya.

4. Zebra-ing update: Our work right now includes strategic planning, designing apparel for our Hold on to Hope Campaign, and working on securing talent for the April 16th benefit.

5. Prayers go out to Paris. So scary and sad. I’m not quite sure what other words there are…



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