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Five For Friday 1/18/19 & 1/25/19

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I’ve never missed a week in all of the years I have been doing these updates. I guess having a baby is perhaps the best reason for missing a full week for the first time…

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Went to PT on January 15th (my due date). Did not feel any different. Did my exercises and my PT worked on me. That night, I woke up at 2 AM feeling a WHOLE lot different. I had pain I could not talk through. Brad started timing my contractions, and saying we needed to go to the hospital, but I kept fighting him. I did not want them to send me home if I was not in active labor. But as the pain intensified, I finally gave in, after insisting on making the bed first…I’m not sure why that made me feel better, but it did. Weirdo. We got to the hospital in under 10 minutes. I was soon examined, and told I was at a 5! They were admitting me…
  • Twelve hours later, an epidural, being stuck at an 8 for forever, needing Pitocin┬áto move things along, and getting three stitches, we finally met the love of our lives. Ms. Lucia Grace.

2. Lucia Grace…here she is…7 pounds, 10 ounces. 21.5 inches long. Born January 16th at 5:44. My girl.

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3. Since we have been home, life has been one giant adventurous roller coaster…also, one giant guessing game. The tiredness has reached a level I have never known, but so has the love. She is incredible, and you can catch me most days watching the many faces she gives her Mommy and Daddy. My house is not clean, my emails are not answered, but I am trying to let all that go for now. She will only be this tiny once. I will only have this time with her once. I am trying my best to always be in the moment and soak it all up…and yes…rest while I can.

4. Some Observations I have learned from being a Mom for 12 Days:

  • Amazon Prime is my VERY best friend.
  • Asking for help so I can lay down is worth it. Trying to suck up my pride and just ask.
  • Stool Softeners are a must. Labor does a number on the bod.
  • Hands free pumping is life changing.
  • My husband is Lucia’s and my hero. I have never loved him more.
  • I think we set Lucia up for a lifetime of mispronouncing her name. It’s Lucia (Lusia or Loosia). Our Lucy Lu. Our Lu Lu. And I’m sure many other nicknames to come.

5. I’m a Mom guys. I have a beautiful daughter. We are officially a family of three. I have waited a long time for this. My heart is so full.


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