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Five For Friday 2/1/19 & 2/8/19

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Yes, two in one again…this is Motherhood. This may be the reality for a while…because when I’m not loving on sweet Lucia, I’m running around the house taking care of other things…and when I get a moment, I just want to sleep…blogging is just not at the top of the list right now.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I made time to see my shrink. Non-negotiable. If I don’t work on keeping my cup full, I will not be able to be the mother I want to be.
  • Still working on the shock of crazy sleep deprivation on my system. Thank God for an amazing husband, and family who lets me nap once in a while.
  • Working on incorporating therapy right now. It’s really, really hard. Like I said, when there is me time right now, I just want to rest.

Five For Friday 1/18/19 & 1/25/19

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I’ve never missed a week in all of the years I have been doing these updates. I guess having a baby is perhaps the best reason for missing a full week for the first time…

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Went to PT on January 15th (my due date). Did not feel any different. Did my exercises and my PT worked on me. That night, I woke up at 2 AM feeling a WHOLE lot different. I had pain I could not talk through. Brad started timing my contractions, and saying we needed to go to the hospital, but I kept fighting him. I did not want them to send me home if I was not in active labor. But as the pain intensified, I finally gave in, after insisting on making the bed first…I’m not sure why that made me feel better, but it did. Weirdo. We got to the hospital in under 10 minutes. I was soon examined, and told I was at a 5! They were admitting me…
  • Twelve hours later, an epidural, being stuck at an 8 for forever, needing Pitocin┬áto move things along, and getting three stitches, we finally met the love of our lives. Ms. Lucia Grace.

Five For Friday 11/10/17

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Man, this was A WEEK. I have not been this happy to see Friday in a long time.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Home Rehab workouts including my first Core De Force workout which I LOVED.
  • NO PT this week. My PT was out of town.
  • I saw my shrink on Monday. The appointments I usually think I don’t have much to discuss are usually the ones that end up being the most cathartic.
  • My joints have pretty much hated me this week. Temperature change?