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Five For Friday 2/1/19 & 2/8/19

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Yes, two in one again…this is Motherhood. This may be the reality for a while…because when I’m not loving on sweet Lucia, I’m running around the house taking care of other things…and when I get a moment, I just want to sleep…blogging is just not at the top of the list right now.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I made time to see my shrink. Non-negotiable. If I don’t work on keeping my cup full, I will not be able to be the mother I want to be.
  • Still working on the shock of crazy sleep deprivation on my system. Thank God for an amazing husband, and family who lets me nap once in a while.
  • Working on incorporating therapy right now. It’s really, really hard. Like I said, when there is me time right now, I just want to rest.

2.  Brad went back to work! I cried (a lot) about the anticipation of not having two of us around all day with Lucia, but I did it! It’s been one day! I know we will get our rhythm…just like any new job, I am figuring it all out each day.

3. Lucia will be one MONTH on Wednesday. I know it sounds, cliche, but I am really not sure how that happened. She’s loving laying on her Mommy and Daddy’s chests, she’s taking her bottles much better, she loves sleeping through the morning, and hanging out in the afternoon, and she is learning to like her baths. Every day, I think she looks a bit different and older. It really is crazy how fast they change.

4. I applied for parental leave. Did I already blog that last time? I can’t remember…Mom brain. But I did. Now, the board needs to approve it so I can be home with Lucy Lu the rest of the school year. As hard as it is, it is just as incredible being with her everyday, and not missing a thing. I feel blessed.

Two quotes I am living by right now:

  • “I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.” ~Angelou
  • “Give yourself grace.” ~Me

5. Here is a picture to get you through the next week (or two, or three?) My little zebra love.

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