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Five For Friday 12/2/16

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Happy December, y’all! With the exception of summer, my favorite time of the year!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Back to PT after THREE weeks! I felt every bite of Thanksgiving on that elliptical!
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 OMM appointment for cranial work.
  • One yucky POTS flare.

2. In the land of kindergarten, we are getting ready for our holiday concert on December 15th. This means practicing, and practicing, and more practicing…and me going home everyday with the songs in my head. It’s hard not to be in the holiday spirit when you are with 5 year olds everyday. It’s pretty magical and I love every second.

3.  My Mom and I went to Kohl’s on Sunday. And I came home BUMMED. I had one of those POTSy episodes that only a fellow POTSy can understand. I felt like I couldn’t get air and had to lie down in the pillow aisle. I was sweating like crazy and felt like I was gonna puke. Days like that are days I know I must dig deeper for perspective. And guess what? I got through the week after that. I taught. I rehabbed. I was a good friend. I lived. I loved. Sometimes, it’s just more of a battle than other times…but I still did it.

4. As you are shopping on Amazon this season, please consider using Amazon Smile instead where you can choose Life as a Zebra Foundation as your charity to give back to! Life as a Zebra Foundation automatically gets .5% of all of your purchases! It’s easy and free. Thank you in advance!

5. “She’s hot for an old lady.” That comment was called out at me on Sunday as I left the mall from the group of teenage boys by the exit. I have a lot of thoughts and a lot to say about that one…sighhhhhhhhhh.

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