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Five For Friday 12/23/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 NEEDED hour with my shrink.
  • 1 NEEDED infusion.
  • 1 PT appointment. They worked me hard! Gotta love tough love.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • Still having some increased POTSy symptoms like more blood pooling in my feet and some sleep struggles. However, I will definitely take this week over last week. Working on resetting and recovering. Working on me.

2. Philly! We made it three hours late because of the winter storm, but we made it! The reason for the trip was to watch my niece, Cecilia, perform in Philadelphia Dance Academy’s Nutcracker, and we were able to catch both shows. I may or may not have teared up BOTH times as I watched her nail it as a mouse and angel. I felt so lucky to get to be there, and proud doesn’t even capture what I felt as I watched her. It was exhausting, and difficult on my body at times…but it was also worth it and heart bursting at the same time.

3. I had my hydration infusion the night I returned from Philly. Usually, I pee by the time I get home, but this time, I didn’t pee until the next morning. No wonder I’ve felt pretty awful lately, besides being exhausted. I was wayyyy more dehydrated than I expected. Sorry if TMI.

4. Christmas-ing, Christmas-ing, CHRISTMAS-ING! Shopping, wrapping, calling about presents that have not arrived yet, more wrapping and shopping, making reindeer food, and more! Bring it on, I am officially ready!

5. Amazon Reminder! Even as the holiday season comes to a close, please consider using Amazon Smile where you can choose Life as a Zebra Foundation as your charity to give back to in the new year! Life as a Zebra Foundation automatically gets .5% of all of your purchases! It’s super easy and free to set up. Thank you in advance!

Wishing you all so much cheer, happiness, and love this holiday season!


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