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Five For Friday 12/6/19 & 12/13/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Two days of PT: Cardio. Strengthening. Manipulative medicine which has consisted of getting my stomach working, calming down my thoracic, and putting my first ribs back in place.
  • Five Days of Home Rehab. Lots more running. Lots more sweating. I love it.
  • One Infusion. They gave me a huge fluffy blanket and it was glorious. GLORIOUS.

2. Our Thursday nanny is moving to Texas…Lucia said goodbye to her last week. I’m not sure who was more sad…me or Lucy. The search is on.Image may contain: 2 people, including Lindsay Hickox, people smiling

3.We’ve continued to get our holiday-ing on…we’ve seen three Santas (all were despised by Ms. L a bit more as we went), and Allie and I took the girls to a Christmas concert at the mall on Saturday. It was crazy amazing. I wish I had recorded some of it. Their voices gave me chills…especially during O Holy Night, which happens to be my all time favorite Christmas Carol.

What is yours?

4. The MEGA Magic Invitational (gymnastics meet) chose Life as a Zebra Foundation again to be the charity of choice for their year of giving. Every year we are so touched. I think we will work to put the money to funding more of the University of Toledo’s research projects on POTS.

5. Sounds about right…

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