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Five For Friday 1/6/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Ugh. Not. Enough.
  • Had to cancel PT on Tuesday because I was POTS-yyyyy and did not want to waste on of my sessions. Sigh. Hoping to get totally back on track this week. My body needs it.
  • I saw my shrink for an hour on Thursday. That hour felt like two minutes. Oof.
  • I had an OMM appointment on Friday. It had been a while because of various circumstances. Trying to figure out how to get more frequent visits in, since it is my main source of pain management.

2. Holy cow! We received one of the most generous donations we have ever received as a foundation this week from the MEGA Gymnastics Invitational. They had chosen us as their benefiting charity to support, and their generosity and support far surpassed our wildest dreams. Thank you MEGA for helping us make our invisible, visible. We are so very grateful and it means more than you know!

3. New Year’s! We rang in the New Year with great friends and GAMES! We played Joking Hazard and Speak Out, and I was DYING. Seeing Brad try and talk with that mouth thingy made my life. It was totally worth the jaw soreness afterwards (Ohhhh, EDS…)

4. Back to school! Whew! We did not have a bad week…it was actually a good week overall…but all I’m gonna say is the temps need to warm up ASAP so my babies can get OUTSIDE.

And I hate testing 5 year olds. One of my least favorite things in life.

5. Okay. Many of you have asked about our annual benefit concert recently. This year, our board has decided to take a year off. After five kick ass years, we figured it was time to regroup and refresh. Plus, it is SO much work. Tons. And the work is always worth it in the end, but personally, I needed a break this year to explore other things, and get my health team and care back on track. Who knows? Maybe we will have a 2018 benefit concert or something altogether different. Stay tuned…

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