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Five For Friday 2/13/15

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I have a lot of pics from this week. I am sad I can’t post! : ( Hopefully soon…!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I saw Larry on Monday for cranial work and gentle manipulation on my ribs, neck, and jaw.
  • 3 Days of Home Rehab. Strengthening, cardio, and more strengthening…
  • I picked up my new reading glasses last Friday. I gave it a week to get used to them, but every time I have tried to wear them, they make me feel really sick. So hi, ho, back to the eye doc I go.

2. Yesterday, I spent time in the studio recording two Life as a Zebra PSA’s. One for the foundation, and one for the benefit concert. After that, I met a journalist at Biggby for an interview for Capitol Area Women’s Lifestyle magazine. I am always so grateful for every opportunity to raise awareness. Always.

3. We were able to announce our Life as a Zebra Foundation/University of Toledo Partnership this week! I am so, so STOKED about this, and the opportunity to support Dr. Blair Grubb’s innovative research on Dysautonomia! You can read more about the partnership and his research here:

UTMC/LAAZF Partnership!

4. Thursday, I spent the morning with my 23 adorable, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten valentines, celebrating friendships. We talked a lot about what friendship means…Here’s a few of their thoughts:

 “Being a great friend means giving hugs no matter what.”
“Being a great friend means saying ‘Good Morning’ every day.”
“Being a great friend means love but no kisses.”
“Being a great friend means not being mean.”
“Being a great friend means sharing Angry Birds.”
“Being a great friend means working together.”
“Being a great friend means helping someone when they are sad.”

5. Just in case you forgot…here I am to remind you!

You can now buy tickets or make a donation for our fourth annual benefit concert!

Tickets & Donations

Annndddd, you can find full event information here:

Benefit Concert Information!


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