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Five For Friday 2/22/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I made my return to PT after six weeks! My joints were a bit of a mess after labor and the break, so I was in desperate need of manual medicine.  I exercised for an hour as well…After the treadmill, I said to myself, “But did you die?” I did not, so I’d call the first day of my comeback a win ; )
  • Now, how do I find time for the other days of home rehab? My next goal…

2. My Lucia had her one month doctor appointment on Thursday. Her doctor said she was “amazing and healthy.” Super grateful and blessed. She is in the 78 percentile for height, 49 percentile for weight, and 98 percentile for head circumference. Big brain? We will go with that… ; )

3. My former teaching partner came and visited on Thursday. All the way from England. Funny story during my visit with her:

Sarah: Hand me that dummy.

Me: Excuse me?

Sarah: That dummy..right there…the green dummy…

Sooo, she was not talking about my girl…she was talking about her paci. Ha! Apparently in England, a pacifier is a dummy. The more you know…

Love you and miss you, Sarah!

4. I always felt like I never had enough time with my Grandma Marie. One of my memories of her was her incredible talent for making us sweaters, blankets…you name it. So, when I received this gift from my Long Island Family for Lucia (a blanket my Grandma gave my cousin in 1980), it made my eyes cry and my heart and soul burst. To my cousins, Liz and Arthur Sr, this blanket will be treasured and loved forever. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ~ xo

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