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Five For Friday 2/27/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I picked up my new glasses. Bad news…they are still making me sick. What the heck?! I have never had this problem before. I will be making a call on Monday.
  • I had my 6 month dental cleaning. 33 and still no cavities!
  • I went to U of M on Tuesday to see my GI doc who specializes in Gastroparesis. I am managing fairly well, so he rewrote my Domperidone script (I only take it for flares), and we discussed going Gluten Free for a month to see how I feel. He busted out laughing when I blurted, “BUT I’M ITALIAN.” We talked about how it really is not that daunting, and we both came to the conclusion that it would be worth a month of trying.
  • Stupid, stupid, POTS induced insomnia. I don’t have time for no sleep!

2. Saturday, my brother, his girlfriend, Brad, and I went bowling. I figured out I had not bowled in 7 years. Going in, my high was 56. Leaving, I had a new high of 89. Nice : )

3. Let’s see…still knee deep in benefit work during my spare time. Press packets, t-shirts, banners, sponsorships, auction, raffle licenses, donation mailings, updating spreadsheets, contracts, working on partnerships, media…It will all be worth it. That’s my chant. One day at a time.

4. This deserves its own number. ZERO snow days this week. It’s been a while.

5. You know the drill…

You can now buy tickets or make a donation for our fourth annual benefit concert! Only 11 more days to get tickets at the early bird, $40 price!

Tickets & Donations

You can find full event information here:

Benefit Concert Information!

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