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Five For Friday 3/14/14

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What a crazy, busy week. I am laying here typing, looking like a zombie, and feeling very thankful to have my feet up right now on this sunny Saturday…

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. We are trying to do more of alternating muscle groups when I come in. Since I worked my upper body so much last week, I did tons of core, glute, leg, and hip work. Holy burnnnnn.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. Treadmill; still trying to increase my incline slowly, light weights, scap exercises, toe rises, lunges, proprioception work, and light stretching.
  • I saw Larry for my monthly appointment on Tuesday. My first six ribs were subluxed so he focused on my upper back to get everything to calm down and move back into place.

2. ALLIE IS HOME! She got here Wednesday night and leaves tomorrow. We have been benefit planning crazies since she got here. I’m gonna cry when she leaves me again.

allie home

Love that baby sister of mine.

3. I spoke on Wednesday about Life as a Zebra, invisible illness awareness, and the benefit concert at the National Association of Career Women luncheon. What an experience and honor to just be in the room with such incredible women.

NACW Lunch

Wearing my stripes!

Wearing my stripes!

4. I spent Thursday at a (teaching) math conference, and on Friday, I had my final principal observation for the year, teaching a place value math lesson to my kids. It is pretty crazy how this school year is suddenly flying by…

5. And yes, here I go again…My quick and easy links for the week. Because I believe in it and if possible, would love to see you there.

Purchase tickets to the 3rd Annual,”An Evening with Tony Lucca and Chris Trapper to Benefit Invisible Illness Awareness and Research”

Make a Donation to Life as a Zebra Foundation

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