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Five For Friday 3/16/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of PT. Pretty typical session. Cardio. Strengthening. Circuits. My PT worked my ribs back into place. I ended with heat and stim.
  • 2 Days of Home rehab. Still no treadmill for those following along…they dropped it AGAIN. So, back outside hitting the pavement, a couple of 21 Day Fix workouts, and light weights, and full body strengthening.
  • Every time I get new glasses with a small change in my prescription they make me feel nauseous and carsick. Well, this happened again on Wednesday when I picked up my new reading glasses. I am going to try and wear them in small doses this weekend but my gut says I will most likely be back at their office next week : (

2. I have almost finished month two on the Ketogenic diet. A few observations:

  • I have learned to like avocados and bacon.
  • I miss fruit more than bread and pasta. I never thought that would be the case. I’m ITALIAN.
  • I do feel better overall most of the time. A lot less bloated, “puffy,” and I have more energy.
  • It definitely is a lifestyle change; not a diet.
  • Broth at night helps with my electrolytes.
  • Different fat bombs keep me on track.
  • If you take a trip to Walmart to buy Ketone strips, you will not be able to purchase them until you sign an agreement that you won’t return them after they are peed on. Because apparently that’s been done…a lot. (You are welcome…the more you know).
  • Let’s see what month three brings…

3. March Madness is ON! Michigan State moves on! I was so pumped after the game last night, I vacuumed the house. Being an adult is stupid. GO GREEN! GO WHITE! GO SPARTANS!

4. You guys, next week is going to be CRAZY. Non-stop. Exhausting. Please send good mojo, vibes, prayers, whatever…FAITH OVER FEAR. So appreciated!

5. Having the privilege of writing these checks never gets old, and is never something I take for granted. Thank you to our donors who make writing them possible. #potsresearch #drgrubbresearchfund #weneedacure #gratitude #lifeasazebrafoundation #hope

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