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Five For Friday 4/12/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • One day of PT. Feeling stronger each session. I wish the scale would reflect that…trying to give myself patience and grace that my body grew a human and it will take time to get back to my “old” body, but some days it’s super hard.

  1. Crib Naps. Rock n play. Measles Outbreak. Between beginning crib naps, the Rock n Play recall, and being told by our ped to hibernate to a certain extent because of the Measles outbreak in Michigan, this Mama is wondering who will pass her the Xanax??? ALL the Xanax. I’m trying to remember that worry and fear robs the joy out of the good things, but I will be honest. This week has been a struggle. A big struggle for me. Whomever said, “Mommin’ ain’t easy” coined the understatement of the century. The love I feel for my girl is a love I have not felt before, and I want to just put her in a bubble from all of the scary scaries out there…I know that is unhealthy too, so I am going to keep breathing and just do my best and love the miracle that she is. At the end of the day, that is all I can do.
  1. National Sibling Day was this week. These kids right here…they are my people. My tribe. My favorites.


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  1. Someone told me this week that if her husband sought help from a counselor or therapist for mental health issues, he would be fired. This made me so enraged. This is why there is a stigma. This is what is wrong with our society. I hope and pray that one day going to a shrink for mental health will be just as common as going to a pulmonologist for asthma.

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5.  I am a Mac convert, y’all. After 4 Dells, I am officially typing on my new Mac and wearing my new Apple Watch with my iPhone sitting next to me. Overkill? Probably…; )

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