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Five For Friday 4/4/14

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Hellooooo Spring Break! I welcome you with wide open arms!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • No PT.
  • One day of Home Rehab. Not enough rehab this week.
  • One sick day taken. My blood pressure and heart rate were not cooperating, and I felt my body shutting down. I knew I had to take a day or I would be in big trouble.

2. The silent auction basket making has begun! My sisters-in-law, and mother-in-law came on Thursday and began piecing everything together. Today they (along with a few other friends and family) are planning on coming back to make them beautiful with wrap, filler, and bows. It’s so much work, time, and energy and they do it with so much enthusiasm, talent, and love. We are so grateful.



3. Two out of three nights of parent-teacher conferences are in the books! We have one more night after spring break and then my teaching partner, Sarah and I will have met with all of our parents. Conferences are always so tiring, but I love those nights because it is the rare time we really get to sit down and talk to our families at length.

4. Check out our new billboard that went up on Tuesday! 6 days!

How did that happen?! I remember when it was six months!


5. The week ahead includes…(To name a few)…Finishing the program so it can go to the printer, gathering awareness materials, speech writing, radio and TV interviews, working in my classroom, finishing auction pick ups, details, and logistics, getting everything ready for Chris and Tony to come into town, meeting with our emcee, picking up decorations, creating volunteer itineraries, continued bookkeeping, I am sure a thousand more emails, with hopefully some rest, sleep, and breathing thrown into the mix : ) If possible, Allie and I hope to see you on Saturday! xo

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