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Five For Friday 5/20/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of PT
  • 3 days of Home Rehab
  • GI follow-up at U of M.  I am going to try and up the Domperidone to see if my symptoms improve.
  • Appointment with Dr. Rosen.  Theme: Adapting my life
  • Started Midodrine for POTS.

2.  Mom’s Surprise Party!  I’m not going to say much about it here, because I am going to do a post soon that is only about the party…However, I will say that after a couple months of planning and PLANNING, we pulled the party off without a hitch! I’m still amazed I was able to keep my mouth shut that long!  I’ll post just a couple pics for now…

After picking Allie up at the airport Friday night and hiding her at our house. So excited!
Classic Allie
Realizing Allie came home after the initial shock of the surprise party
Mom holding CeCe Baby after Kristen, Jake, and CeCe surprised her that they came home too!
Siblings with Andy on a stick.  I am obviously saying something.  It’s a good pic of the other three though.

3.  May is Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month and Vasculitis Awareness Month.  My sister, Allie was diagnosed with PAN Vasculitis a couple years ago after almost 50 days in the hospital, and after almost losing her.  The Vasculitis awareness shirts we ordered a couple weeks ago came…The proceeds go to the foundation for further research and awareness. 

“Know Vasculitis. No Vasculitis.”

4.  I got my first pedi of the season, which happened to be with my Mom, hours before her party.  I had to keep making up reasons throughout our pedicure why Allie was texting me a million times (she was in Lansing getting decorations while my Mom thought she was in Maryland not feeling well).  This week, I’ve been sporting my freshly painted toes with my open toe compression stockings.

5.  Our friend Brandon came over today and put a new ceiling fan up in our kitchen.  We are very, very thankful and are loving the “quiet, gentle breezes,” and the fact that it is dust repellent.  Thank you Brandon!

Brandon working hard

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