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Five For Friday 6/19/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • This was a struggle week with my ribs and pain. I got into the doctor as an “emergency” on Friday because I was in so much pain from my ribs being subluxed. After a lot of manipulation, 4 trigger point injections, ear acupuncture, and having to do a colon cleanse because my gastroparesis had flared, it was decided it was best I rest for the weekend. This meant no Life as a Zebra Foundation, “Team Zebra” 5k the next day…I cried and then moved on into acceptance mode. I knew in my heart that this was an instance when I needed to listen to the docs who were trying to help me!

2. We celebrated Father’s Day with my FIL last Saturday. It was definitely a day full of good eats, laughter, and love. Blessed!

3. It has been raining and raining and raining…so on Tuesday when there was finally a sun spotting, my friend, Ang and I booked it to the pool for the day. I truly believe heaven is by the water.  And I definitely rest better when I am out of my house!

4. I spent some time this week getting ready for the Team Zebra 5k! Meeting with the race chair, our sponsor, picking up our shirts…All I have to say is we are blessed to work with such great people who support us and our mission!

5. Speaking of support, I was blown away Friday night, when our sponsor for our race team surprised us with ANOTHER check for $833. I definitely did not see that coming! Thank you to the Michigan Department of Treasury Tax Processing Division, and to Dontaye Garrett for leading the penny wars and for making it happen! That’s a LOT of pennies! So much love and gratitude!

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